Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Flappers were independent women, they made their own decisions in everything from their fashion and beauty choices to their attitudes to life. The flappers were unique and stood out from the other women because of their bold attitudes and behaviours, behaviour which was frowned upon by many. This was due to their wearing of excessive make up, excessive drinking and attitudes to smoking and casual sex.

The typical flapper was usually seen wearing short shapeless dresses, that wear easy to dance and move around in. These were also usually heavily embellished with beading and sequins which made the dresses eye catching and expensive looking. They wanted to be envied and looked at by others and these dresses achieved that.

Dropped waist dresses, which were introduced by Coco Chanel, were also common amongst flapper culture, contrasting to the form fitting high waistlines seen in fashions previous to the 1920's. The silhouette in the 20's drastically changed, to a looser less feminine style.

The fur coat was another wardrobe staple for the flapper girl, which she would layer over any outfit, day or night and would further enhance the glamour that they were all about.

Beauty wise, the flappers had short bobbed hairstyles, which could sometimes be curled to achieve a glamorous look. For make-up they wore a lot more than had ever been seen before this time, with red lipstick, dark eyeliner and mascara and bold eyeshadows.

Accessories were also very important to the typical flapper. There would rarely be a flapper seen with a cloche hat on their head. This was a piece that originated in the 20's and is still seen today as a symbol of that era. Cloches would usually be worn as daywear, however, in the evening on more glamorous occasions, sparkly, embellished headpieces or headbands would be worn.

Lace-up flats were the go to casual shoe for a flapper for walking around during the daytime, on an evening they opted for Mary Jane style pumps which were appropriate for all the dancing they used to do.


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