Wednesday, 23 January 2013


1920's style fashion still impacts lots of designer and high street collections, and is very popular amongst celebrities and consumers alike. I think this is because of the glamour of the trend and every girl wants to feel glamorous for some time or event. 
The first two images are an article I scanned in from a River Island magazine I picked up in store. This feature is introducing the new collaboration for River Island with designer William Tempest, intevriewing him about the collection and what inspired him throughout the designing process.
He discusses how his muse for it was Louise Brooks, an icon of the time who I have already talked about on this blog. He talks about his use of 'dropped waists and Twenties references' and how they are updated to be 'more in the present.'

The third image is an article I scanned in from women's fashion magazine GLAMOUR, in their do's and dont's feature. The article is describing 20's fashion or 'Great Gatsby Chic' as a 'do'. The article includes pictures of lots of celebrtities such as Carey Mulligan and Georgia Jagger dressing in flapper style dresses, showing that the style of that era was very fashionable at the time the magazine was published. All of the dresses are made from luxurious fabrics and contain some sort of heavy embellishment, as they did back in the 1920's.

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