Thursday, 21 March 2013


Here is my finished beaded collar with ribbon fastening. I used a black felt fabric for the underside of the collar, to give the collar some stiffness and help keep the shape and a sheer mulberry coloured organza type fabric for the top layer. I felt this top fabric was perfect for the collar as it is glamorous and luxurious. I have then added a diamond shaped pattern to the collar with 3 different types of beads. I think the pattern definitely looks very 1920's and art deco inspired with the repeating effect and geometric shapes and lines. The collar ties and unties at the back with a ribbon, which further adds to the  delicate and feminine style of the collar. 

I have included various photos below showcasing all the features of the collar with close up shots to show of the detailing and beadwork and both front and back views of the piece. I also included a photo of how the piece would look on top of a garment, and would add sophistication and glamour to any outfit. 

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